Boxing Glove Bertha

Boxing Glove Bertha is a DC/Baltimore-based cover band that was formed as a culmination of talent, knowledge, and long-time friendship, to create and enjoy an atmosphere of musical expression and a damn good time! We bring more than 120 years and over 2000 gigs of experience to the stage. Most recently the members of BGB come from such local successful Maryland institutions as The Jokers and Layers, however, we have been playing separately and together with those bands on and off for the last 15 years. Now is our chance to break away and capitalize on what we’ve done in the past and open the door to lots of great fun in the future.

BGB is band in evolution. As veterans, we are always changing and growing, altering form when it will benefits the collective forces of the band and its listening audience. The band’s repertoire currently includes current and vintage covers, all of which are given a unique musical treatment, sound, energy, and fun attitude, that we hope is contagious. We love seeing when you get your feet moving and sing along!

To get on our mailing list drop us a line at, or just add us to your ‘like’ list on Facebook and we’ll make sure to let you know when we’re playing. We count on you to come out and let us make your night!
STEWART WALDEN - Guitar/Vocals
DAVID GOROZDOS - Keyboards/Vocals
CHRIS MAUS – Bass/Vocals
BILL MOJICA - Drums/Vocals
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Capital Blues Ensemble - Lots of Flame

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