I am a Frederick, Maryland based freelance keyboard player fluent in a variety of styles including blues, rock, country, jazz, R&B and reggae. Although my main focus is piano and organ, I can also embellish with strings, horns and synth and I can sing lead and backup vocals. I am a quick study and am able to fill in as a sub or guest player. I am willing to travel within a two hour radius of Frederick and further if the circumstances are right.


Here are some of the artists that I perform with:


Capital Blues Ensemble


Carly Harvey's Kiss & Ride

D'Vibe & Conga

Fast Eddie & the Slowpokes


The Hepcats

Rickshaw Lizard

Tall Blond & Thirsty website

Tall Blond & Thirsty

 Detour Band











Capital Blues Ensemble - Lots of Flame

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